I’ve spent more time on Pleasant Bay than any other part of the Cape over the past 20 years.  My folks moved here when I was in college and I started going down there to fish and just walk along the shore.  Pleasant Bay has so many great entryways into it from Chatham to Harwich and Orleans.  I still feel as if I haven’t covered half of the bay all these years.  This summer I focused my painting on this area, mostly making my way down there in the mornings when the sun is rising over the islands out in the Bay.  It’s an area that is not too built up on the coast so there are still some interesting views of old boathouses and the light is amazing in the morning and the evening. We still spend alot of time down here walking the dog, clamming, kayaking and just hanging around the area.

There seems to have been a theme of extreme lighting on some of the paintings in this group.  Those were painted in the late spring after we had such a long winter here.  It seemed as if the sun was shining bright everyday around that time and it was welcomed.  I did a blog post and mentioned the Belle and Sebastian song “Another Sunny Day” as it felt as if it was the soundtrack for those mornings.

Pleasant Bay will always be a very special place for me.  I’m excited at how these paintings have turned out this summer and what is coming up in fall for color on Cape Cod – check out the paintings here 

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