Looking out to Nantucket Sound
8×10 oil on canvas
©2014 Chris Gillis Cape Cod, MA

I discovered this new are of Chatham that has some really interesting paintings and this is one of them. It’s starting to heat up down here, the summer folks are back and the crowds are starting to pile up. I’ve still been working on the Pleasant Bay series that will be available sometime in August.

Last night me and my wife celebrated our anniversary and she was kind enough to bring me to a great talk on Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod paintings by Beth Chapman at the Wellfleet library. She made a very interesting presentation showing what some of the modern days scenes look like in Truro and Wellfleet that Hopper had painted. I look forward to getting to some of these spots for future paintings.

I loved the history and old photos that she had of Truro back in the 1930s. All the trees in the landscape had been cut so you had these rolling hills and dunes that don’t exist today – see this painting. There were so many farmhouses and farms back in that time as well that don’t exist today.

Beth Chapman runs tours year round where she will take you to 30 of Hopper’s back road painting locations – check out here website at www.hopperhousetours.com

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