I’ve been exploring Monotypes in my process of creating pictures since about 2012. Around that time I got exposed to Stuart Shills work on Monotypes and have been fascinated by the medium ever since.

Generally when people make Monotypes they use printers ink but I have been experimenting using my regular color palette of oil paints and Arches archival oil paper made in France. I’ve been more than excited about the results I’ve been getting using the process to create pictures. I think of these more as drawings with masses of color shapes. You really need to pay attention to the color relationships that you are creating on the plate.

My process
I use glass as a structure to paint the reverse of the scene I am trying achieve. Using oil paints I will mix colors and paint very similar to painting any other painting on site or in the studio. I’m generally working from drawings or reference materials and not really trying to exactly copy what the object is but more of the idea of what it is. You really have to pay attention to your masses because that is all your really have. Once I am happy with the painting on glass I will press it on to the Arches oil paper and pull the print. You only get one shot at this. After I view that pull I will work a little with a palette knife to knock down any large pools of oil paint and emphasize areas of the print that I think need it, only using the paint that is there. I then dry the Monotype and mount it on archival wood panels.

I’m excited where this is going and will continue to explore Monotypes. I’ve also noticed that it is really helping my landscape work as well,I think its the concentration of the masses and color relationships.

I will have these Monotypes up for sale soon in my Etsy store in the upcoming weeks with some oyster still life paintings as well. If you are on the mailing list you will be notified.

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