Provincetown Yellow Cottage
6×8 gouache on 9×12 watercolor paper
©2014 Chris Gillis Cape Cod, MA

Over the past two years I’ve been painting with Gouache here and there and have been really enjoying using the medium. The technique goes back as early as the 14th century in Europe. I first was turned on to it by checking out alot of Charles Sovek‘s work. I’ve got a small car gouache kit to use in the winter inside my car that treats me well. It’s also very easy just grab your Gouache kit and be painting in 5 minutes. It definitely has replaced Acrylics for me – I just love the feel of the paint – feels more like painting with oils rather than watercolor.

Read more about Gouache here

I’ll be posting more and more of these on the blog as I finish them up.


Truro Cottages
6×8 gouache on 9×12 watercolor paper
©2014 Chris Gillis Cape Cod, MA

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  1. Joanie Reply

    Hi Chris,

    I just found your site and lovely paintings….as I googled around for anything on gouache. I, too, am besotted with this media and paint with it all the time. Come see what I’ve done when you have a minute. Great site you have too…very clean, shows off your landscapes.

    Wishing you painting abundance and joy!

  2. bobbi Reply

    Hi Chris:

    your painting is so clean and vibrant. Hope to have one very soon.. I wish you would paint in our hometown of Hull.. My home sits atop a hill at the end of the peninsula,with the most interesting,active marine viws in Mass.. Lobster boats,sailboats, freighters et all, plus three lighthouses in the span of the Atlantic.Ocean visible from each floor of our home.. We also see Boston’s skyline and 4th of July’s Fireworks from our porch..Please think about visiting.

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