Another Sunny Day on Pleasant Bay
9×12 oil on canvas
©2014 Chris Gillis Cape Cod, MA

We are finally out of this long winter and the sun has been shining over the past two weeks. I got out the other morning really early to capture this sunrise over Pleasant Bay. I’m working on a series of images over the next few month in and around Pleasant Bay and they will be available here in late summer. Sign up for the newsletter on the right side.

I was painting this one on the Orleans side of Pleasant Bay perched nicely in some shaded trees on a driveway of a second home owner (no one’s around). It’s really early in the morning and just a great day to be out on the water painting or doing whatever. As any outdoor painter will tell you there are times when you are just zoning in on the painting and nothing around matters, it’s pure concentration. Every once and a while you will get the feeling that someone is watching you paint (and alot of time I’m right) which is fine. About half way through this painting I had that feeling, but no one was around. I look over to my left and not 15 yards away there is a deer staring right at me, checking out the painting I guess. We had a brief moment of checking each other out and it took off running into the marsh, really cool experience.

I’ll try to keep posting up various works over the summer. Thanks for looking in.

The title of this painting is a bit inspired by this belle & sebastian tune:

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